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Carsten Peter  

Carsten Peter

does global speaking engagements about his expeditions and wild experiences. He travelled into extreme and otherworldly environments worldwide. His inventory of images is continually surprising and so spectacular, that his photographs are published in the most influencial magazines such as National Geographic. He won prestigeous awards like World Press Award or the EMMY award for his filming. Get an interesting insight to his work and even more surprising views to our world.

Carsten Peter lectures not only in German speaking countries, but also worldwide in English and for comercial purposes. He speaks for National Geographic live and can be seen in England, Scandinavia, US, Canada and as a speaker for National Geographic Expeditions even in the remote parts of this world.





„Extreme Planet“

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Enjoy the live experience of Carsten Peter with his new multimedia
lecture „Extreme Planet“. Become excited with his adventurous
assignments for the most influencial Magazine in the world. He climbs
into active volcanoes with the biggest lava lake, he tries to place his cameras into the path of approaching tornados and he sheds light into
the biggest cave galeries of this world.

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  Field Research and Exploration


Fr 06.02.2015

8:00 pm Freiburg (GER)
Su 08.02.2015

5:00 pm Lindau (GER)
Tu 10.02.2015

7:30 pm Omaha, NE (USA)
Mo 16.02.2015

7:00 pm Dayton, OH (USA)
Tu 17.02.2015

7:30 pm Tampa, FL (USA)
Th 19.02.2015

7:30 pm Washington, DC (USA)
Tu 24.02.2015 7:30 pm Kansas City, MO (USA)
Su 01.03.2015 3:00 pm Santa Barbara, CA (USA)
We 04.03.2015 7:30 pm New York, NY (USA)
Th 26.03.2015 7:30 pm Baunatal (GER)
Fr 27.03.2015 8:00 pm Plauen (GER)
Sa 23.05.2015 3:30 pm Telluride (USA)
Sa 30.05.2015 8:00 pm Zingst (GER)
Sa 05.09.2015 8:00 pm Berchtesgaden (GER)
Planned in summer 2015 Lectures in the Pacific area: Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hongkong


  Excerpts from a lecture for the reknown National Geographic Live series "Masters of Photography", "Vietnam's infinite cave" - newly discovered cave with overwhelming dimensions (held in Washington DC, headquarter of National Geographic Society)



More lectures and examples


„An Evening of Field Research and Exploration“
hosted by Dr. John Francis, featuring National Geographic Photographer Carsten Peter,
as well as renowned alpinist and North Face athlete Conrad Anker.

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
7:30pm, Dallas, Texas, USA, Southern Methodist University,
The Mary Alice and Mark Shepherd Jr. Atrium, Caruth Hall.

Saturday, March 26th, 2011
7:30pm, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, Newcomb Hall

Biologist and renowned photographer Carsten Peter will recount his documentation of the dramatic and treacherous Niyragongo Volcano in
Congo and share images from his exploration of the worlds largest cave passage in Vietnam, Hang Son Doong.

  Field Research and Exploration

NG Live

Masters of Photography series, Event 1:
Vietnam’s Infinite Cave

Thursday, March 24th, 2011
7:30pm, Washington DC, National Geographic, Grosvenor Auditorium.

„A veteran National Geographic photographer, Carsten Peter is also an accomplished climber, diver, and caver who has photographed some of the world’s most extreme environments. For a story in the January 2011 National Geographic magazine, Peter explored a mammoth cave system in Vietnam that may be the world’s largest. He’ll share spectacular images of this incredible underground world.“


Germany extreme -
Expedition to the deepest point of Germany.

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010
Frankfurt, Germany, Senckenberg-Museum - Geo-Day

Geo-photographer Carsten Peter explored with a team of Arge Bad Cannstatt the longest and deepest cave in Untersberg mountain and brought back amazing images and stories from this very remote location.
Discover Germany in a new way - never seen like this.


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